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Real Estate Closings/Title Services (Residential and Commercial)

Buyer or Seller Representation in a Residential or Commercial Closing

A real estate closing, also known as a settlement, is the final step in a real estate transaction where the legal transfer of ownership of a property takes place. It’s the point at which the buyer and seller complete all necessary paperwork, settle financial obligations and officially transfer ownership rights from the seller to the buyer.

During the closing, various parties may be present, including the buyer, seller, real estate agents, attorneys and sometimes a representative from the lender. The closing process involves reviewing and signing documents such as the deed, affidavits, loan and mortgage documents and various disclosures. The buyer pays the agreed-upon purchase price and the seller receives the proceeds from the sale.

Once all documents are signed, funds are distributed and ownership is transferred, the property’s title is recorded in the buyer’s name.

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